Dear MahalAPians,

Pleasure to interact with you on a different format ,the digital way. Modernization is incomplete without digitalization. Office practices and pediatric indoor practices are made easy by various softwares and our collegues are using them so well. A web wall that shall offer you every aspect about our mother organization is here now. Triple 'C' convenience,comfort and connectivity being the hallmark of our website. Fortunate to make it possible during my presedential tenure. This will display all the academics and non academics like social and cultural actvities being hosted by our various small and large branches all over the state. Maha IAPians will be delighted to choose and plan about the forth coming conferences and speciality CMEs in advance. We shall also update recent advances in academics time and again. Mega activities like Mahapedicriticon at Nashik ,Mahaneocon at Kolhapur ,Mahapedicon at Pune and Embicon at Mumbai are due in near future and I wish them a grand success. We are proud to host the forthcoming National conference 'Pedicon' in our state and I wish golden luck to the organisers at Nagpur. As a part of presedential action plan ,our faculty team is visiting various small towns and conducting vaccicon to discuss about recent updates in vaccinology and CIAP views about different vaccine schedules. We also are proud to top the list for maximum number of life members of IAP per state and I thank and adore various branches in our state for taking lots of efforts in promoting CIAP membership. Hoping to have all of us a bright and happy times ahead as also the rain Gods are doing us a great favour. Wishing all of you a great festive season .

Dr Rajendra Vaidya.

President, Maha IAP