Respected Senior IAPians & My dear colleagues,

It gives me immense pleasure & sense of gratitude to present myself to you as secretary general of our beloved mother organisation MahaIAP for the year 2019-20

First of all, I thank from the bottom of my heart to Dr, Rajendra Vaidya sir (President MahaIAP 2017), Dr. Lalit Rawal sir (President MahaIAP 2018), Dr. Sagar Sonawane (President MahaIAP 2017-18) for their whole hearted co-operation & guidance bestowed upon me in 2 years tenure as a treasurer of MahaIAP.

As an IAPian I wish to share one thought with you all.  

This is an organisation of the most intelligent professionals of our society who deal with a very delicate relation of parent & child. So we naturally have many challenges which are social, emotional, academic, technical & even financial. Thus we do have common problems, the solutions of which can be sorted out when we unite & face these issues together.

That is the reason I appeal to all IAP members to attend local IAP activities in LARGE Numbers.

This will boost moral of branch office bearers & will give them confidence to plan innovative activities each time for you.

I seek your blessings for our new team under astute leadership of Dr. Sanjay Ghorpade sir (President MahaIAP 2019) to have another memorable year ahead.

I wish all the very best to organising team of pedicon 2019, Mumbai.

Hoping to meet you all soon.

Thank you !

Dr. Sadachar Ujalambkar

Secretary General, MahaIAP 2019-20