Dear friends !

Wish you all a healthy and joyful life. It gives me imens pleasure and honour to serve Maha Academy of Pediatrics as secretary general. We all know that what society demands from us? What are the expectations of people ? And what they think of us?. Recent past incidences of attacks on the doctors has given us the hint about it. We all know the reasons. Few of our colleagues do provide negative news to the media by doing unethical practice and unfortunately others suffer. I personally feel that we have to be more positive in the sense by sticking to ethics, being more social, interacting directly to common people. There is need to spread the message about our ethical and social work to the society. This is not possible without the help of the media. So make media a ' friend' rather than 'foe'. I would request all of you to stick to the medical ethics in the practice and discourage unethical practices in all of our branches. I would suggest office bearers of all branches to conduct CME on Medical ethics and communication skills', programs centered to the parent education and interaction, apart from academics.

Thank you !

Jay IAP! Jay Hind!

Dr Sagar Sonawane

Secretary general mahaiap