Guidelines to conduct Annual State Conference of Maharashtra state branch of IAP(Mahapedicon)

In view of Maha-IAP being grown in stature to a great extent and conferences particularly Mahapedicon becoming the major event, a need become eminent to have standardized guidelines for organizing state conference. this document shall be taken as consensus for conference organization and shall be binding for all the host branches eligible and volunteered to host the annual state conference of IAP (Maha-Pedicon)

With this point in view, IT WAS DECIDED in the Annual GBM held at Solapur on..../..../.... to have standard guidelines for hosting state conference.

The 3 member committee was constituted with Dr.Kedar Malwatkar as its convenor and Dr.Vijay Yewale past-president of central and state IAP and Dr.Hemant sathe chairman of Mahapedicon 2015 Solapur as its members.

In addition,state president and state secretary will be-officio members of the committee.

The guidelines formulated by this committee were submitted in the Aurangabad GBM for approval and were approved. This document shall be a guideline and not a compulsion.


Maha-IAP is the apex professional NGO (branch of CIAP) of more than 3500 Pediatricians of the state, constantly engaged in advocacy of child health issues, continuous medical education of these members.

Impartation and dissemination of knowledge and recent advances amongst its members is only possible by the interaction with the mixed group of national and international experts in different disciplines of pediatrics which shall ultimately translate in reduction in child mortality.

It is also a major source of revenue generation as there is no source of income for IAP. It is also the venue for AGM and SGM (if called for). It is also the occasion of installation of new president. It is been customary to hold the state conference once in a year in the month of October/November every year.



Responsibility of allotting the state conference lies with the Maharashtra state branch. A particular local branch will be allotted to host the state conference (Mahapedicon) in the AGBM of Maha-IAP 2 years in advance.

The hosting local (city/district) branch will be solely responsible for the finances of the conference and will have to contribute to the state and central IAP their share, as decided from time to time by the state and central IAP Respectively.


Responsibility Belongs To Subspecialty Chapter And Shall Be Hosted By And Eligible Local/City/District/State Branch From The Country Which Is Been Allotted By The AGM Of That Specialty Chapter.

The State Office Should Be Informed About The Bidding And Hosting Of Such A Conference Well In Advance ( At Least One Year ) Before Finalising The Dates.

Who Can Request/Bid/Apply (Eligibility Criteria):

Any Authorized/Recognized, District/City Branch Of Either Alone Or With Co-Partnership Of That State Branch Or Adjoining City Or District Branch Shall Be Eligible.

The interested branch should pass a solution in its AGM and submit it in writing, duly signed by the OBs of the branch to the state secretary (in advance) by an email about their willingness to host the state conference 2 years.

They should duly elect organizing chairperson/organizing secretary/Treasurer before their final presentation of the details of the conference at least one year prior to the conference. They should submit the list of organizing team on their letter head duly signed by the secretary of the branch.

The request should be submitted along with a bidding fees of Rupees Twenty five thousand (Rs 25,000/-) or fees prevalent at that time (as decided by the state OB/EB and endorsed by state GB from time to time.

The request proposals shall be discussed in the GBM. After scrutinizing the eligibility and worthiness of the requesting branches, the GB will do the final selection. If there is no consensus the request should be put to vote.

Bidding fees of unsuccessful bidders shall be refundable.


The hosting branch shall have minimum of 50 membership.

The host branch shall preferably be first/second tier city of the country.

The hosting branch shall be well connected with all the regions of the state and well accessible by air/rail/road.

Shall have provision for accommodation of 1200-1400 delegates with around 500 hotel rooms at moderate and affordable rates.

The venue should be preferably a “built one” structure or if not at least 60-70% built and 30-40% erectable on plain ground.

The venue shall not be away from the heart of the city by 15-20 kms.

The venue shall have a “main hall” with a seating capacity of at least 600.

The venue shall have additional Hall for concurrent scientific deliberations and other meeting with a varying seating capacity.

All the Hall shall be equipped with state-of-the-art/excellent AV arrangements.

There shall not be any spill of sound between the halls.

The venue shall have sufficient area for “Trade Exhibition” however ,it shall not be in closed proximity of the scientific Hall so that there is no disturbance and distraction in the scientific deliberations.It shall be devoid of noise pollution. Trade Exhibition shall not be permitted for mela-type activities including gambling.

The venue shall have couple of “relaxation lounges” without any recreation activities.

The venue shall have good and sufficient Toilet facilities.

The ambience of the venue shall be cozy, congenial, condusive and inspiring.


There shall be total ban on sponsorship from infant food and milk substitute companies. There shall be strict ban on sponsorship from IMS covered companies.

There shall be no banners or posters exhibited in scientific hall.

Scientific halls should not be named after any companies.

It will be sole responsibility of the host body (& hence the hosting local branch)to raise funds necessary for the smooth hosting of the conference.


The office bearers of the selected host branch i.e. organizing chair /organizing secretary/Treasurer of LOC shall give and undertaking to the state IAP that “they shall work for the conference with fullest integrity ,honesty and devotion without any internal squabbles and conflicts.”

The organizing chair shall be overall commanding the LOC while the organizing secretary will be the main and responsible person from planning to execution of the conference. Both of them shall work with mutual coordination under the control of state IAPO officials i.e the president and the secretary.


The scientific program of the conference and the selection of the faculty shall be done by the local scientific committee in consultation with the state president and the state secretary. The program should then be approved by the Executive Body of the Maha IAP.

It is advisable to the scientific committee to avoid repetition of speakers in the same conference. conference shall be of 3 days starting from Friday through Sunday. The first day shall be CME. There can be multiple concurrent CMEs on the same day.

The local body may decide to have to utilize prior 1 or 2 days i.e. Wednesday through Thursday for preconference workshops and various national/state ToTs under IAP Action plans or any other similar programs. Onus of the scientific content of such preconference workshops shall remain on the local scientific committee of the conference.

The main conference shall be on Saturday & Sunday and shall essentially have two orations: Late Dr D.B Shirole oration on Saturday & Late DR P.M Udani Oration on Sunday. Decision to honor any other personality by way of Oration may be taken only in the GBM.

The orations shall be awarded to eminent personalities of good repute who has rendered outstanding services for child health and care. State president and state secretary will be chairpersons for the orations shall be finalised by local organizing committee after consultations/due discussions with the state office.

There shall be a theme for every conference.

All the halls shall be fully equipped with human resources, audio-visuals, mementos, certificates, bouquets and the proceeding should be managed professionally with a perfect time management by hall in-charge, MoCs or the anchors. The onus shall remain on the local organizing committee.

It is advisable to LOC for the arrangements for drinking water and tea/coffee wending machines attached to the scientific halls.

The faculty shall be eligible for TA/DA and local stay. For foreign faculty TA and hospitality can be at mutual discretion of the local organizing committee.

All the faculty should be requested to register for the conference at early bird registration fees. However the final decision should be at the discretion of local body.

There shall be no registration fee for non IAP Guest Faculty and foreign faculty.

Introduction of faculty should be very short and precise .Preferably it should consist of a single slide on projection.


AGM/GBM shall be held on day 2 i.e. Saturday as per the norms laid down by Maha IAP constitution.

The local organizing body shall provide venue with sufficient sitting capacity, Audio Video and other infrastructure. Local Organizing committee shall provide arrangements for audio recording of the meeting. If required, Local organizing committee shall be obliged to make arrangement for food (dinner) for the delegates attending the annual General meeting.

The local branch should give their nomination/names for the post of state president and vice-president for the next calendar year, on their letter head duly signed by local branch president and secretary along with a copy of minutes of the local branch GBM held to elect/nominate persons for the posts, Well before the GBM to the state secretary.


conference Registration Fee for various slabs (early bird to spot) shall be presented by the organizing Secretary, to the General Body for approval. The basic/early bird/starting registration fees should not be more than 10% of the previous year’s early bird fees. The early bird fees slab should be continue till the end of the year (previous year) (i.e. from the date of GB meeting till 31st December of that calendar year)

Company sponsored delegates shall be entitled only for “Spot Registration” slab.

There shall be some concession in the delegate fees for senior IAP members.50% of the Registration fee shall be waived off for senior IAP Member Over the age of 70 years and shall be totally waived off the fees for senior IAP members above 70 years may be taken in GBM at the time finalization of Registration fees.

All the faculty shall be requested to register at early fees by local organizing body.

Subject to approval of the GBM, the local body may decide to offer the CME registration as optional or compulsory. They may have additional/separate charges as registration fee of CME and the 2 day conference OR they may have the registration fees as total fees including the CME.

Undergraduate Quiz/Post Graduates Quiz participants in final round of UG/PG Quiz shall be exempted from registration fees.

Quiz participants local stay shall be arranged and borne by local Organizing committee.

Travel expenses for the Quiz participants shall be borne by the state IAP.


The Local organizing committee shall be obliged to provide lunches for all the registered delegates (including the registered accompanying delegates) and faculty on all the days of the conference including the CME day (if there is no separate registration/fee for CME)

Local organizing committee shall be obliged to provide inaugural dinner with or without a cultural night for all registered delegates and registered accompanying delegates.

It shall not be mandatory on the part of local Organizing committee to host “Banquet Dinner” sponsored/unsponsored. However it is advisable, If logistics permit on Saturday night.


Inauguration of the conference shall be preferably on the eve of CME i.e. Friday 5/6 p.m. onwards. The timing of the inauguration should be finalized in consultation with the state office president and the secretary.

It shall be an important key function and shall include felicitation of individuals and distribution of various awards to the individuals and IAP Branches/Chapters.

The president of the state shall be the presiding officer. There shall be an invited Chief Guest to inaugurate the conference and not more than one Guest of Honour to grace the function.

Local organizing committee in consultation and concurrence of the state President and the state office shall choose and arrangements for the invitation of the Chief Guest and Guest of Honour.

The inaugural ceremony shall be in main auditorium. The timing of the Inaugural function be decided mutually by the local body in consultation with state office.

The inaugural ceremony function should be anchored by a suitable MOC to be chosen by the local body.

The dignitaries on the dais shall be :

1.Chief Guest

2.Guest of Honour

3.State President

4.State Secretary

5.Chief Organising Chairperson

6.Chief Organising Secretary

Sitting arrangement on the dais shall be in accordance with the laid down criteria by state office. state Secretary shall call the meeting to the order and hand-over the charges to MoC.

MoC shall invite all the dignitaries on Dias and facilitate with flower bouquets.

The ceremony shall not take more than 45 minutes.

The ceremony shall end with the national anthem.


Shall be conducted by State secretary on the last day the conference i.e. Sunday afternoon, Pre-lunch or Post Lunch Chief Guest/ Guest of Honour for this ceremony shall be chosen and invited by the Local Organizing committee by their discretion, A short cultural program may be organised by the Local Organizing committee at their discretion, preferably by the school children artisan.

The dignitaries on Dias shall be state President, the newly elected state President and state secretary.

The program shall consist of felicitation of the Organizing committee by the president and Secretary General with certificates of appreciation/awards/mementos followed by thanks giving speeches by organising chair, organising secretary and few other key members of the organising team and few delegates from the audience.

The closing ceremony shall not exceed more than 30 minutes.


The organising branch should pay the state office Rs 25,000/- as bidding. This will be in addition to whatever amount that is payable to state office as “state’s share”.

The host branch shall pay the state office Rs 50,000/- as part payment/advance at the time of GBM during the conference.

The host body shall pay to the state office a fixed amount per delegate as “state’s share” within 6 months, after the conference is over The amount will be decided in the GBM from time to time and it should not be less than Rs 200/- per delegate.(‘delegate’ includes all categories of delegates except free delegates).

The amount already paid i.e. during the conference GBM (advance payment of 50,000) shall be adjusted from the final amount.

In addition to contribution towards state office, the local body will also have to contribute towards central IAP. The amount of such a contribution is decided is decided by CIAP from time to time.

The host branch will have to contribute to the CIAP and the state branch, their share, irrespective of their profits/losses.

The hosts should submit audited accounts to the state office within 6 months of conference along with the cheque of final payment.


The hosts shall provide two separate rooms to the state President and the state Secretary. For the central & state executive board member, it will not be mandatory for the hosts to provide accommodation but the organizing committee of the conference may decide in their favour as a gesture/goodwill depending on the availability of funds.

The hosts shall provide accommodation to the entire faculty.

Accommodation (Rooms) reserved by the local body for the delegates shall not be above the published tariffs by the respective hotels if rooms are given directly to delegates.