After opening remarks by HON. PRESIDENT DR.RAJENDRA VAIDYA ,Secretary General, myself Dr, Sagar Sonawane read and confirmed the minutes of AGM held on 19th November 2016 at hotel Ajanta Ambassador at Aurangabad.

Annual report read by the the secretary myself Dr.Sagar Sonawane and was adopted by AGM.

Treasuree Dr.Sadachar Ujalambkar presented the audited statement of the accounts for the year 2016-2017 & were adopted by AGM.

Dr.Charu Shaha announced the dates of mahapedicon 2018, Satara (Mahabaleshwar) on 28th 29th 30th of November and first of December 2018 was accepted by AGM.

Dr. Charushaha & team IAP Satara presented the overviews of Mahapedicon 2018

Registration fees for early birds registration was finalised and decided to be Rs. 5500/- was accepted by AGM.

Dates for early birds registration was decided & should be upto 31st December 2017.

Other slots of registration with fee structure were proposed by Dr. Sanjay Lalwani & seconded by Dr.Upendra Kinjawdekar, Dr.Jayant Upadhye , Dr.Prashant Jadhav, Dr. Nikhil Pathak.

Proposed fees and dates are :

6500/- upto 31st March 2018

7500/- upto 30th June 2018

8000/- 1st July to 31st October 2018

From 1st November – Spot Registration

Highest slab should not be more than double the early birds registration. This was adopted/ accepted by AGM.

Request from Satara IAP to have flexibility & free hand in deciding fee structure was rejected by AGM unanimously.


There was bid from Amravati branch of MAHAIAP and Raigad branch of MAHAIAP.

Dr Sandip Dankhede and Dr.Jahagirdar presented overview of mahapedicon 2019 for Amravati.

Dr Vinayak Patil , Dr Chandwadkar & Dr Aba Patankar presented overview of mahapedicon 2019 for Raigad.

Representatives of both the branches had healthy discussion as to who will host mahapedicon 2019. After discussion it was decided unanimously & adopted by AGM that mahapedicon 2019 will be hosted by Amravati branch of MahaIAP.

Dr Satish Agrawal from Amravati branch thanked the AGM

Code of conduct for local, regional and sub speciality conference held in Maharashtra under the banner of IAP was discussed and revised.

It was decided unanimously that

1.Branch holding/hosting conference should inform and take permission from mahaIAP office in advance.

2.Resolution of the branch AGM regarding hosting the said conference should be intimated to mahaIAP.

3.Office bearer of mahapedicon other conference should be decided and intimated to the office preferably before bidding.

4.Bidding fees of Rs 10000/- for city branch, Rs 20000/- for zonal conference & Rs.25000/- for mahapedicon was revised, decided & accepted by AGM

5. It was also decided that the president elect of mahaIAP should be decided and informed at least 1 Month before the mahapedicon to mahaIAP office.

6. Bidding fees should be submitted to office immediately on selection of the branch hosting conference.

7.Renumeration amount from the branch holding the mahapedicon should be paid to office of MahaIAP before 31st March of same financial year.

8. It was also decided that scientific program of mahapedicon should be finalised only after the approval of mahaIAP office. Preferably program should be ready by first EB meeting.

9. ORATION :Orator should be decided only with the consent of mahaIAP office. Official invitation to the orator should go through office.

All these changes proposed by Dr.Kinjavdekar, Dr.Jayant Upadhye, Dr.Malvatkar, Dr.Dabhadkar, Dr.Sanjay Deshmukh , Dr.Gangolia , Dr.Khalatkar,were seconded by all, & were accepted by AGM.

Subjects with permission of chair

Zonal conference of CIAP : There was healthy discussion as to whether zonal conference of CIAP should be clubbed together with mahapedicon or not.

Dr.Rohit Agrawal ,Dr.Jayant Upadhye , Dr.Kinjavdekar & Dr. Dabhadkar many other member of AGM opposed.

As there is not clear guidelines about holding zonal conference it was decided by AGM that this issue can be taken up at CIAP AGM at Pedicon 2018 at Nagpur; therefore left pending.

Nominees for office bearers mahaIAP for year 2018

As there was no concensus of Pune IAP on as to who will be nominee for president of mahaIAP 2018

It was decided by AGM that Name for the OB for 2018 from Pune IAP should be intimated to mahaIAP before 25th December 2017. proposed by Dr Kedar Malvatkar,

Seconded by Dr.Rohit Agrawal, Dr.Kinjavdekar, Dr.Dabhadkar, Dr.Jayant Upadhye, Dr.Hemant Sathe, Dr Prasant Jadhav

Minutes of Annual General Body Meeting - 2016

Minutes Of annual general body meeting of the members of Maharashtra Branch of India academy pediatrics held on 19th of November 2016 at 6.00pm at hotel Ajanta ambassador Aurangabad.

Minutes of Annual General Body Meeting - 2016

Minutes Of annual general body meeting of the members of Maharashtra Branch of India academy pediatrics held on 19th of November 2016 at 6.00pm at hotel Ajanta ambassador Aurangabad.

After opening remarks by the Hon. President Dr. P T Kulkarni, Hon. secretary Dr. Prashant kute read and conformed the minutes of AGM held on 28th November 2015 at hotel balaji sarovar solapur

Annual report read by the secretary Dr. prashant kute and was adopted /accepted .

Secretary presented the audited statement of the accounts for the year 2015 – 2016 & were adopted by GBM

Dr. lalit Rawal announced the dates of mahapedicon 2017 3rd 4th and 5th of November 2017 was accepted by GBM.

Dr. Sanjay lalwani presented the overviews of mahapedicon 2017

Registration fees for early birds registration was finalized and decided to be Rs 5000 / - ( 10% rise from previous fees – accepted by GBM )

Dates for early birds registration :- it was decided that should be up to 1 month from the last day of previous ( last ) conference of MAHAIAP i.e. upto 20th December 2016 and was accepted by GBM .

Subsequent rise of the registration fees for the delegates for next slabs will be decided by the branch hosting MAHAPEDICON 2017 i.e. pune branch . it was proposed that the highest slab should be not be more the double the amount of early bird.

[ Dr. sanjay Lalwani was of the opinion that contribution from the pharms companies as a sponsor should be limited to 60% of the total budget of the conference and this was appreciated by all ]

Rs. 5000/- as delegate fees for early birds was supported

Dr. Pustake Vaibhav

Dr. Ganesh Kulkarni

Dr. Dabahadkar

DR. Sathe

Dr. Suchit Bagade

Dr. Hemant Joshi & accepted by GSM

Venue for Mahapedicon 2018

There was bid from satara branch of maha IAP and Amravati branch of MAHA IAP

Representative from the both branches had healthy discussion as to who will host MAHAPEDICON 2018

So it was unanimously decided & adopted by GBM that Mahapedicon 2018 will be held at satara

Dr. Sanjay Ghorpade presented the overviews for the conference

As per decision taken at annual GBM held at hotel balaji Sarovar an 28th November 2015 a consensus statements and standardized guidelines for organizing state conference i.e. Maha-Pedicon of IAP Dr. Kedar Malvatkar presented and put forth the guidelines prepared by three member committee constituting Dr. Kedar Malvatkar as a convenor and Dr. Vijay Yewale and Dr. Hemant Sathe as its members for approval

These guidelines were approved by and adopted by GBM with few minar changes ( copy of these guidelines will be circulated to all the members )

Changes were proposed by Dr. Prashant Jadhav Seconded by

Dr. Rajendra Vaidya

Dr. Atul Kulkarni

Dr. Nakhate

Dr. Khalatkar

Dr. Deshpande ( Pune)

Dr. Dabhadkar

Dr. Bakul Parekh – Secretary general central IAP has suggested that one executive board member to central IAP should be from mumbai and /or navi mumbai [ in view of secretariat is at mumbai ] was supported and accepted by GBM

Dr. Sanjay Ghorpade proposed that funds to ’MAHA IAP’ from MAHA PEDICON – Annual conference [ @pune – 2017 ] should be raised which was discussed in GBM and decided and accepted that Rs. 400/- per delegates should be the contribution towards MAHA IAP

Nomination and welcome of new office bearers for 2017

Dr. Rajendra Vaidya nominated and selected as President MAHA IAP

Dr. Ganesh Kulkarni – nominated and selected as Vice President MAHA IAP

And myself Dr. Sagar Sonawane nominated and selected an Secretary General MAHA IAP & Dr. Sadachar Ujalambkar nominated and selected as Treasurer MAHA IAP.

All welcome by GBM…

Changes was handed over to all.

Minutes of EB Meeting

Held on 26th February 2017 at noted sun and sand , Pune.

Agenda of EB meeting :

Welcome of members by Hon. President Dr. Rajendra Vaidya

Reading of minutes of last EBM by Secretary General MAHAIAP

Presidential action plan

Stand of MAHAIAP on incidence occurred at AGM at Bangluru Pedicon 2017

Condemn of cowardly attack on Dr. Vasant Khalatkar

Sanction and approval of venue and tentative scientific program of mahapedicon 2017

Emphasis on implementation of protocols of MAHAIAP for mahapedicon 2017

To decide remuneration ( corpus ) of Pune IAP / Mahapedicon towards MAHAIAP

To consider increament of payment of Mr. Datta Kedar


After welcome of the members and informal introduction of members to each other. Secretary General MAHAIAP Dr. Sagar Sonawane read the minutes of last EB meeting held on 21st February 2016 of Ajanta Ambassador at Aurangabad as they were in order passed and accepted by Executive Board .

Then Hon. President Dr. Rajendra Vaidya presented presidential action plan for 2017

IAP Membership drive which was initiated by Hon. President ( IAP ) Dr. P.T. Kulkarni was continued and march 1st to 31st is considered as membership drive month of every year members were appealed to convince & push not IAP Members to Become IAP Members it was resolved unanimously that those pediatricians who are life members of IAP are eligible for office bearers as well as executive board members of district IAP or local branches.
As there are considerable errors in data of members from Maharashtra it was decided to upgrade and rectify the errors. It was proposed by Dr. Sanjay Deshmukh that date of birth and marriage anniversary date also should be included.

In view of rising conflicts between doctor and patient – Hon. President Dr. Rajendra Vaidya proposed programs which will promote and improve doctor patient relationship : few of his proposal programs are :

Module or workshop to improve communication skills

Patient education and awareness

Programs to promote interaction between pediatrician and parents with the help of social worker, maids etc.

His vision to train and upgrade the knowledge of pediatrician at remote places or smaller branches regarding neonatal resuscitation and other basis in child care led to approval of implementation of NRP at smaller local branches with the help of MAHAIAP

Dr. Hemant Sathe is willing to contribute for doctor patient relationship programs and suggested & Dr. Suchit Tamboli agreed on conducting various parents education workship at various local IAP branches.

Dr. Nitin Dahake accepted the responsibility to conduct NRP'S with the help of Dr Akash Bang at various local branches.

It was also resolved that a fixed amount can be given to local / district branches from MAHIAP to support these activities. 50% of corpus given by branch who has hosted mahapedicon can be utilized for presidential action plan and various activities.

Dr. jayant Upadhye suggested to have excellent MAHAIAP bulletin which should include & information of MAHIAP activities of local branches & should at least be published twice a year .

adopted by all

After heating discussion on stand of MAHAIAP an incidence occurred at Bangalore AGM 2017. It was unanimously proposed & passed that

A protest against this is to be sent to IAP against unconstitutional behaviors of president IAP & against suspension of Dr. Vipin Vashisth.

Other issues regarding a mail ( IAP ) mentioning change of amendments in the IAP Constitution . It Was Proposal that

Specialist holding any Diploma or Degree which is recognized by & approved by state medical council should also be considered eligible for Central IAP Member

Demand for 5 executive boards members to IAP from Maharashtra has less representative to IAP is compaired to its members strength.

proposed by Dr. Jayant joshi

[ Dr. Rajendra Vaidya Dr. Sagar Sonawane Dr. Kedar Malvatkar Dr. Jayant Joshi & Dr. Prashant Jadhav unanimously selected for the above purpose & will from committee- on constitutional reforms ]

Mahapedicon 2017 :

Tentative scientific program of mahapedicon 2017 was presented by Dr. Lalit Pawar ( Presideny IAP, Pune ) and Dr. sanjay Lalwani

Which was adopted & approved by EB

Venue J W Marriott was also approved by EB

Importance of implementation of prospects of maha IAP in mahapedicon 2017 was emphasized

Corpus amount to be given by prime IAP to MAHAIAP was declare to be Rs 450/- per deligates

Increment of salary of Mr. Datta Kedar by 1000/- per Months was proposed by dr Kedar Malkatakr & approved by EB as there was no other issues meeting was concluded with vote of thanks.