MAHAPEDICON 2015 – on 27th‚ 28th & 29th November 2015 at Balaji Sarovar Premiere, Solapur.      Please note that to avoid overlapping of conferences‚ you are requested not to keep any IAP activity during MAHA PEDICON days.



Date : 27th to 29th November 2015
Venue : Balaji Sarovar Premiere, Solapur



The Maha Academy of Pediatrics is committed to the improvement of the health and well being of all children in Maharashtra. For this purpose‚ the association dedicates its efforts and resources. As members of the association we shall strive for the achievement of the optimum growth‚ development and health in the physical‚ emotional‚ mental‚ social and spiritual realms...                          read more...

President’s message
Bast wishes to the IAP Sholapur for holding the MAHAPEDICON 2015.Apart from the routine pediatric activities, I.A.P Maharashtra started a new initiative to WEBCAST the clinical programmes to smaller cities and towns. The first web cast was telecast from          read more...

Secretary’s message
It gives immense me pleasure to interact with you as proud member of MahaIAP.Under the guidance of hon’ble president Dr. Vijay Tuteja,year 2015 witnessed good academic turnover. In true sense Maha-IAP has become ‘Maha’ with strength crossing 3500 and going on to be heavy             read more...

Editor’s message
It gives me a great pleasure to deliver to you the MAHA-IAP bulletin 2015. Following the great tradition of the Maharashtra IAP, this bulletin brings you the official reports, audits, reports and summary of activities as well as some articles on current issues.                                                            read more...

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