Heartwarm greetings to respected members, seniors and my dear colleagues.

I feel privileged to be elected as the State Secretary General of MAHA IAP. Being my first year of the tenure, I am glad to work for the betterment of all my fellow collegues.
The conditions due to covid are adverse and fluctuating but we aim to remain active in all the ways possible. Digital media will boost us remain active through platforms like online meetings, updates on our very own website www.mahaiap.org and many more. This website contains all the upcoming updates regarding many topics hence, let us all keep checking it time to time. We will also strive and see if we could do any work on offline mode if the situation permits.

Woman empowerment has been need of the hour and hence, this year we will be concentrating on empowerment of woman's wing. Our biggest assets are our fellow doctors and hence we will work for them and their family's betterment .

Let us all work unitedly and keep sharing positivity throughout the year and give our best

Hon. Secretary General

Dr. Amol Pawar
Secretary, MahaIAP 2022