Dear IAP'ians,

Maharashtra suggests following guidelines for all pediatricians & it's members :

1)  We doctors morally can not keep our opds/hospitals/clinics closed in such a pandemic. Its our moral responsibility to serve our country. So keep your opds open for restricted time everyday.

2)  Yes, it's a very serious & genuine concern about nonavailability of N95 mask or PPE for safety of doctors &staff. We have written to Govt of Maharashtra about the same; But govt has no answer for it as demand/supply ratio is changed. Its impossible for them to provide us the equipment immediately.

3)  Try to give telephonic consultation as far as possible (now very well accepted by MMC).

4)  Give appointments to patients every 10/15 min to avoid crowding in opd for everyone's safety.

/strong>5) Stop /postpone routine vaccination, follow ups, special clinics,non emergency procedures etc.

6)  Please direct & refer critical care patients if nursing & paramedical staff is not available (especially in small setups/one man army) to corporate/medical college setups where they will get all required care.

7)  Use of sanitizers, triple layered mask (when N95 is not available), social distancing, and other safety measures be strictly followed for yourself,staff, family members & your patients.

8)  Keep proper records of your patients (name, address,phone nos) of every patient, accompanying persons.

9)  Keep high index of suspicion & alertness to promptly refer to confirm for Covid 19 infection (keep record of referral too).

10)  Also take care of panic states,(created due to social media) confusion, healthy mental status of general public as a responsible doctor and at your own organisational level.

Pl forward these guidelines to all members of your branch at earliest.

Yours in Academic Service,

Dr Jayant Pandharikar, President Maharashtra IAP

Dr Sadachar Ujalambkar, Secretary General, Maharashtra IAP.

31st Annual Conference of IAP Maharashtra State (MAHAPEDICON 2020)


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Dates : 27th, 28th, 29thNovember 2020

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To be announced

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31st Annual Conference of IAP Maharashtra State,

Hosted by Indian Academy of Pediatrics, Aligag, Raigad Branch

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